Bob and Nancy are career geologists with combined professional experience totaling more than 65 years.  Bob has worked throughout New South Wales as a geological and mineral deposit mapper and researcher and as a geological contractor and consultant to the exploration industry. He was also involved in research relating to the origin of sapphires in eastern Australia.  Bob currently holds an adjunct position at a major university, where he is undertaking research and mentoring students.  Bob is a very keen outdoors person and gardener with a passion for nature and particularly geology.

Nancy has worked for  the exploration industry in Western Australia and has been involved in geological mapping and research in New South Wales.  Her doctorate was awarded for research into a gold deposit in central Western Australia.  Nancy is presently a university lecturer and industry contractor and consultant. Nancy is also a very keen outdoors person, photographer and gardener with a love for everything natural.

We will be very pleased to receive any constructive criticism, advice or suggestions for our web site or tours.  We will also try to answer any questions about the localities included here.


Disclaimer:  we accept no responsibility or liability for the use of the materials presented herein.  The users of our material do so entirely at their own risk.  In undertaking any of the self-guided tours on this site you do so of your own volition and without direct leadership by the authors.


Copyright:  Bob and Nancy make the material presented herein freely available to individuals and organisations provided that it is not on-sold.  This material may be freely used in promotional media for tourism or other purposes with any accompanying fees charged only for printing or copying costs.  All that we ask in return is acknowledgment for our intellectual contribution.


Feedback:  this is a hobby of ours that we hope brings pleasure to others.  We certainly gain pleasure from the process of providing this material.  We welcome any feedback, constructive criticism or suggestions.  Approaches for assistance from tourism-related organisations who wish to incorporate geotourism into their portfolio of activities will be positively received.

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