The Milparinka tour travels from Milparinka to Depot Glen, Poole’s grave and Mount Poole (Sturt’s cairn) on the northern leg, and to the Mount Browne gold diggings (Mount Browne woolshed area) on the southern leg.  The route is illustrated on the adjacent satellite image by the red line.  The tour sites are shown as green dots. The total length of the drive is approximately 100 km return.

The self-drive tour outlines the major geological features of the area and visits some appropriate and easily accessible sites.  The route is suitable for conventional vehicles.  Highlights of the drive include visits to a number of historical sites, with brief explanations presented of the geology and historical significance of each.  There is fossicking potential with beautifully coloured silcrete pebbles, petrified wood, rare coprolites and alluvial gold.

Download the Milparinka tour guide - 3.4 Mb
Download the sites as Google Earth kml file. Unzip, double click on the appropriate kml and it will display in Google Earth if installed.
The soils and vegetation of Mt. Poole have been described by Jeanie Clark in her informative web site.  Click on the image at left to visit the soils.enviroed4all Mt Poole page.

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