Here are a number of links to sites which freely offer geologically-oriented activities for the layman.  This is not intended to be an endorsement of these sites, merely a guide to their advertised activities.

Before travelling in eastern Australia, we thoroughly recommend visiting Cartoscope, an online source of the most up-to-date, comprehensive and informative tourism maps available. Cartoscope's maps are freely downloadable for you to print yourself, or may be purchased online in hard copy format.  These maps are also available for free from local visitor centres.

In addition, their excellent site has links to other resource sites of value to the tourist.  You won't find better maps anywhere!  

The Dorrigo area (east of Armidale) is a very scenic area offering a number of self-drive tours in the local region.  Two of our geological tours are listed on their site, and they also include a number of drives through scenic country and to unique picnic sites.  Visit this well recommended and very professional site:  Destination Dorrigo

If you are venturing into South Australia and would like to visit some of that state‚Äôs magnificent geological features, the Field Geology Club of South Australia.stages regular geological tours and has produced a number of tour guides.  They can be found through:

A number of free self-drive tours are available in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.  For information on a  tour in the Wilpena Pound area try:   Arkaroola tour.  

Another free tour is available through Brachina Gorge.  This geological tour is  20 km long and passes through 130 million years of earth history. The tour is best travelled from east to west, from the Brachina Gorge/Blinman Road junction. Geological maps are available from the Wilpena Pound Visitor Centre.   On-line details are here:  Brachina Gorge tour

For those interested in volcanoes, Malcolm Buck, Australian volcanologist, hosts a site devoted to showing off images of many volcanoes across the world, plus other geological subjects of interest to Malcolm.  His site is

Leisure Solutions is a commercial venture which runs its Country Charm Discovery Tours about the rim of the Tweed Volcano in southern Queensland.  The tours are self-drive and easily navigated over an itinerary extending for four days.  For further information navigate to:

 The Age of Fishes Museum in Canowindra is recommended for fossil enthusiasts.  Here, you can not only view, but handle some of the most spectacular 360 million year old (Late Devonian) armoured fish fossils ever discovered.  The museum offers a range of educational activities as well.  For further details visit:

Another great site for learning about fossils is the Ulladulla Fossil Walk.  This tour is guided by retired geologist Phil Smart who thrives on questions and is equally happy when dealing with novices or professionals!  For further details visit:

SOILS - the other essential part of our environment for creating biodiversity.  Jeanie Clark has developed an appealing web site specifically aimed at promoting awareness of soil types in different environments.  Her site gives examples in many states and some overseas localities.  Visit

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