Diamond Head  offers a wonderful opportunity to view some spectacular volcanic features.  With this tour you will learn about some aspects of lava, intrusive rocks, and alteration of rocks in an environment close to volcanic activity.  The area is situated in the Crowdy Head National Park. It boasts spectacular and rugged scenery.  Most of the tour stops are on the shoreline, and a few require some scrambling and agility to climb across rocks to access.  Some stops should only be attempted at low tide, when the risk of being struck by waves is decreased.

This is a low resolution map of the tour route.  The geological mapping used in this tour is based on the brilliant work of University of New England student, Darren Higgins.

To download or view a high resolution A4 image in PDF format plus part of Darren’s geological map of the site (282 Kb), click on the adjacent satellite image.

The tour guide is a 4.6 Mb PDF of 16 pages.  To download or view this guide, click on the link below.
Download Diamond Head geological tour guide.

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