Welcome to Bob and Nancy’s Geological Tour Site!  This is our attempt to help everyone appreciate and understand the rocks we see about us, those most fundamental objects that we take for granted in our everyday lives.  Our goal is to enthuse, educate and provide an insight into the processes and products of the geological forces which have shaped this ancient land.

We do this by providing descriptions of many of the places that we visit professionally and as tourists.  In some places we have designed self-drive tours.  Our descriptions are pitched at a level that most people with limited geological background will understand.

This site is expanding slowly. It will continue to grow as we travel, and as we have time to convert our observations into meaningful and enlightening descriptions.  You will notice that most of the areas we have described are in northeastern New South Wales.  That is because the New England region of New South Wales, Australia is our backyard, the area that we have chosen to commence writing about first. We are constantly broadening our horizons, and include  tours of New Zealand. 

Cretaceous outlier, Tibooburra
The descriptions and tours included on this site are mainly presented as PDF documents.  You will require appropriate software to be able to read these files.  You can acquire the free reader software via the link on this page.

We hope that you will gain some enjoyment and knowledge from what you find amongst our writings.  We welcome any feedback and will be happy to try to answer any questions you email to us.


Before travelling in eastern Australia, we thoroughly recommend visiting Cartoscope, an online source of the most up-to-date, comprehensive and informative tourism maps available. Cartoscope's maps are freely downloadable for you to print yourself, or may be purchased online in hard copy format.  These maps are also available for free from local visitor centres.

In addition, their excellent site has links to other resource sites of value to the tourist.  You won't find better maps anywhere!  
Visit: http://www.cartoscope.com.au
Download Adobe Reader
Download all kml files as a single zip file. Unpack the zip file, double click on a kml for a particular tour and it will display the route or sites in Google Earth if installed.

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