Ophir Reserve map

Ophir is the site of the gold discovery by Edward Hargraves and his partners in 1851 which sparked the start of numerous gold rushes throughout Australia.  The Ophir Reserve, a public area administered by Cabonne Council, is an excellent place to learn about the occurrence of gold and the historical methods of mining the precious metal.

A brochure on the geology and gold occurrences of the Ophir Reserve and Central West gold was published by the then Department of Mineral Resources in 2001.  Unfortunately, the brochure was  withdrawn shortly thereafter due to a change in state government Ministers.

The downloadable PDF guide of 2.3 Mb is extracted from that brochure, with some additions and modifications.  The guide includes a map of the reserve showing geology, tracks and roads, historical workings, watercourses and historic sites.

The assistance of geoscientist Gary Burton is acknowledged for his enthusiastic support and geological description of the site.  The original historical account of the discovery of gold which was expertly penned by Derek Dolstra has been used in the guide.
Download an A3 map of the site
Download the Ophir brochure

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